Governors meet at least once each term and are appointed to:

Lead our Catholic school ensuring that the school’s Catholic mission and life are at all times promoted and developed They are accountable for assuring high quality in the provision of all the curriculum including Religious Education and prayer and worship They appoint staff who enhance the distinctive nature of the school. They determine and monitor the school’s budget and premises. They are responsible for school admissions and attendance.

The Governors of our school have further legal duties, powers and responsibilities, including safeguarding and health and safety. They act together, they cannot act individually.

St Gregory’s Governors are:

  • Foundation Governors appointed by the Bishop
    • Parents
    • Teachers at the school
    • Local authority representative


Mr Michael Puech – Chair of the Governing Body Foundation Governor
Mrs Emma Little Foundation Governor
Mr Paul Scott Foundation Governor
Mrs June Valente Foundation Governor
Fr Michael Weymes Foundation Governor
Mr Andrew Peel Foundation Governor
Mrs Nadia McSheffrey Foundation Governor
Ms L Hassen Parent Governor
Mr Ian Farrer – Vice Chair of the Governing Body Parent Governor
Mrs Alison Dunne Headteacher
Mrs Samantha Blackwood Staff Governor
Councillor Mark Walsh Local Authority


Information and Register of Interests: