Spiderman Visit

Spiderman is our favourite super hero so we wrote letters to invite him to visit our class.

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We checked for a reply each day. Then…we got a letter from Spiderman!!  He said he was very busy but would certainly visit our class.

We thought carefully about what we wanted to ask him.  We wrote our questions on paper so we wouldn’t forget them.

We learned the Spiderman song.

We listened to the Spiderman theme tune then Spiderman came in and we clapped our hands.  We took turns to say hello to Spiderman, shake his hand and ask a question.  He told us all about how he travels, how he makes webs and why he wants to make places safe. He also told us how to eat healthily, keep fit and look after our teeth.  Before he left we sang a French song for him and gave him three cheers.

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“Thank you Spiderman.”   “We will always remember this day.”  “Come back if you want to.”

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  1. Joseph Corner

    WOW! Reception I didn’t know you had a super hero (spiderman) in your class. I wish I did. it looks so fun to have a superhero in your class.

  2. Daniel G myers

    this looks so cool he traveled from new york to see you LUCKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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