Woodhorn Colliery Museum

We had a very interesting trip to Woodhorn Colliery Museum. We investigated what had happened to real miners using primary source information. We also enjoyed doing an art activity in the gallery.


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Anglo Saxon Day

We researched the life of an Anglo Saxon character. We dressed like them, and we played a chance game to see how they might have settled here. We investigated a mobius band. Was this how Hengist and Horsa tricked King Vortigern into winning more land in Kent? We researched and copied Saxon art and jewellery. We used ipads to create a video blog and we listened to a Saxon saga.

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Finger Knitting Year 5

We learned how to finger knit and contributed to a whole school illustration of the poem ‘Pied Beauty’ by Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Our line was ‘Landscape plotted and pierced – fold, fallow and plough;’

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