Year 4 – The digestive system

As part of our science topic on animals and humans we have learned about the digestive system. This week we used our bodies to make models of the teeth, tongue, oesophagus, stomach, small intestine and large intestine…


Can you guess which picture is which?


Roman Day

Year 4 had a visit from a Roman Solider. They also made some Roman Bread.

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Year 4 Community Liturgy

The year 4’s have enjoyed learning about different communities in our RE topic. They

understand that we can belong to lots of different communities. Some boys in the class

planned a wonderful liturgy to celebrate belonging to our school community.

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Year 4 blog update Internet safety week

This week we did some E-safety in assembly and class.

Here are some important rules

  • Never upload rude or strange messages.
  • Always tell an adult if there is a problem like if you are on Facebook or Instagram, You tube snap chat and all those things.
  • Never ever give out personal information.

By Jasmine Hardy

Chinese taste testing

Today we taste tested Chinese food because it Chinese new year . 

We had rice with peas in it and noddles and prawn crackers .

We enjoyed the taste testing and we would love to do it again.

while were getting served we listed to some Chinese songs.