First Holy Communion Preparation

During preparation last term for our First Holy Communion, year three learned how to accept the body and blood of Jesus. We all listened respectfully and learned what we had to say to the priest and the actions we had to make including the Sign of the Cross.


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Year 3 prayer stations

The children in Year 3 enjoyed visiting the prayer stations set up by each pastoral care group.

Year 3 Fairtrade Fortnight challenge

Year 3 learned about Fairtrade and the importance of making sure the farmers who grow our food are treated equally.

Year 3 design and technology work

Our school is having a craft fair next Wednesday to raise funds for the lego league to go to Bristol to take part in the next stage of the competition.

Today, as part of our packaging topic, year 3 designed and made some adventure story themed treasure chests to be filled with goodies to sell at the event next week.

We had to think carefully about the designs we used and tried to link them in with our topic on adventure stories and some of the books we have read such as Sam Silver and Journey.


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Chinese New Year

This Chinese new year in class we have been making Chinese dragons . We have been decorating  the class room with our Chinese dragons. We made them by folding paper and sticking it together then decorating the face with bright colours. We read a story about the dragons being used to frighten away bad luck. It was called Dragon Dancer.  In class we are having so much fun . We wrote our own versions of the story to share with our friends in the class and tried to use lots of similes to describe the dragon’s voice.

Jessica and Evie