Chinese New Year

We all enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year.  We made dragon stick puppets and dragon pictures using 2d shapes. We used Chinese willow patterns to decorate our lanterns. Through stories we learned why the dragon chases the pearl. We sampled a range of Chinese food.







Christmas in Reception


Christmas cards

We made our own Christmas cards with an angel on the front. First we had to glue the angel’s wings and body together and then we decorated the angels face, deciding what colour we wanted the hair, eyes and mouth to be. After that we stuck the head onto the body and began decorating with glitter, sequins and shiny paper. We then stuck the angel onto the card and left it to dry. It was lots of fun making different patterns.

IMG_3634 IMG_3641


Using repeating patterns we have made a calendar for our families. Here are the photos that are on them.

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Pupil Choice

The infants then had a pupil choice afternoon,in reception we made Christmas trees out of paper plates.

Firstly we read ‘The Christmas tree tangle’ story and then looked at the step by step instructions on the big screen.

IMG_3265 IMG_3266

After that we started to make our Christmas trees. The first step was to paint our paper plates.Then we had cut the plate into three pieces and carefully staple them together.

IMG_3263 IMG_3267 IMG_3268

Once they were dry we decorated our trees with lots of sequins, ribbon and a star on top.


We had a great time making our Christmas tree’s.

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Christmas dinner

For our Christmas dinner we made symmetrical party hats. We added glitter and stars to them. Our dinner was lovely!

IMG_3351 IMG_3353 IMG_3354


We really enjoyed taking part in the nativity and loved wearing our costumes.


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Christmas party

We all had our wonderful party clothes on ready to dance and play lots of games.

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The first game was musical statues, it was really hard to stay still.

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We had lots of fun dancing and then made a huge conga line. We went all around the hall then to our classrooms for some party food.

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While we were eating our food we had a special visitor…it was Santa Claus!

We sang songs with Santa and then he gave everyone their own present. We were all very excited.

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We have had a great time doing lots of Christmas activities and we hope you all have a Merry Christmas!


Reception class have been learning about Judaism. We looked at the religious festival called ‘Hanukkah’ also known as ‘the festival of lights’. The children made their own menorah out of modelling clay, making sure they had nine branches. They also coloured their own menorah and added shiny flames onto each branch.

Picture 007 Picture 002 Picture 005

Some children had fun playing a Jewish game with the dreidel and others decorated ‘Happy Hanukkah’ cards making repeating patterns.

Picture 004 Picture 001 Picture 003