European Day of Languages Competition 2017 – I have a dream…..

Today, Freya Tate in Y6 received the news that she had won one of 7 international prizes in  the European Day of Languages 2017 Competition. She was chosen out of 2000 entries to receive her prize for a poster she designed illustrating how she would like the world to be.

She was entered for the competition by Madame Dunlop, her French teacher.

well done Freya…we are so proud of you!!!!

International Day

Reception class celebrated International Day.  We focused on France and children really enjoyed their day.


First we located France on the map and looked at two famous landmarks, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe.

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We made hats with the flag of France, le Tricolore, red, white and blue.

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A doll and teddies were used to tell the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, in the French language!  Boucle D’Or et Les Trois Ours.  Children could role play the story using the props in the home corner, or small world play using a fabric house and felt characters.

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Crepes (pancakes) were made ready for our Teddy Bears’ Picnic on the afternoon.

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Our teddies were invited to the picnic and we all wore our hats.  We enjoyed sampling typical French food such as baguettes,crepes, croissants au chocolat et jus d’orange . We practised some French words, ‘ je voudrais’,  ‘s’il vous plait’ et  ‘merci’.

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Some of us played ‘Find the teddies’ game where we listed the French names of the teddies we found.  Others drew their  teddy and we guessed which teddy matched the pictures.

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At last we sang our favourite French songs.  Ask your child if they can sing these songs for you at home.

‘Nonour, nonours’    ‘Dix dans le lit’     ‘Bonjour, bonjour’       ‘Alouette’

‘La tete, les epaules…’       ‘Je peux sauter’       ‘L’arc en ciel’        ‘Un, deux, trois…’

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Finally we took our teddies home to bed.  Good night.  ‘Bonne nuit’.