Year 3 Fairtrade Fortnight challenge

Year 3 learned about Fairtrade and the importance of making sure the farmers who grow our food are treated equally.

International day – Year 6 go healthy ITALIANO!

Using a range of fresh ingredients, we worked in our groups to InventOur own alternative to a basic spaghetti bolognese (cooked for us by Miss Carrahar.) our meat/alternative selection included: beef mince, pork mince, turkey mince, quorn mince and vegetables.

Our pasta/alternative included tagliatelle, butternut squash, courgette, wholemeal spaghetti and carrot.

We could choose from a range of vegetables, oils, flavourings and herbs. We planned and cooked our recipes ourselves under supervision.

In addition, we were taught how to make ‘galettes’ an alternative to pizza. Again, we had a choice of ingredients. We had enough bolognese left over to feed Year 3!

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Chinese New Year Feast!

Today, the 27th of January 2017. Year 6 experimented making healthy foods inspired by Chinese dishes. We made all different sorts of dishes including: a Chinese Mess (chicken salad, with a touch of garlic.)  Also a dish named The Noodle Surprise (containing delicious prawns and chicken, with a touch of  ginger and garlic). And other fabulous meals, that our staff have tried and tasted. We had five teams of six, and ended up working very well together and produced  wonderful meals. We are very grateful that our outstanding teacher Mrs. Carahar had bought all of our supplies to prepare our dish.


By Jessica and Amy