European Day of Languages Competition 2017 – I have a dream…..

Today, Freya Tate in Y6 received the news that she had won one of 7 international prizes in  the European Day of Languages 2017 Competition. She was chosen out of 2000 entries to receive her prize for a poster she designed illustrating how she would like the world to be.

She was entered for the competition by Madame Dunlop, her French teacher.

well done Freya…we are so proud of you!!!!

Anglo Saxon Day

We researched the life of an Anglo Saxon character. We dressed like them, and we played a chance game to see how they might have settled here. We investigated a mobius band. Was this how Hengist and Horsa tricked King Vortigern into winning more land in Kent? We researched and copied Saxon art and jewellery. We used ipads to create a video blog and we listened to a Saxon saga.

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