May Collective Worship led by Year 6, 3rd May 2017

Today the whole school community gathered together to honour Our Blessed Lady-Mary-The Mother of Jesus. We learned a great deal about her, some traditional Catholic hymns to Mary and crowned a statue of the Blessed Virgin and laid flowers in our pastoral care colours at her feet. It was a wonderful way to begin the month of May.

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First Holy Communion Preparation

During preparation last term for our First Holy Communion, year three learned how to accept the body and blood of Jesus. We all listened respectfully and learned what we had to say to the priest and the actions we had to make including the Sign of the Cross.


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Year 3 prayer stations

The children in Year 3 enjoyed visiting the prayer stations set up by each pastoral care group.

Year 3 Fairtrade Fortnight challenge

Year 3 learned about Fairtrade and the importance of making sure the farmers who grow our food are treated equally.