Year 4 States of Matter

We took advantage of the snowy conditions to learn more about states of matter.

Did you know that water can be a solid, liquid or a gas?

When it’s a solid it’s called ice, when it’s a liquid it’s called water, and when it’s a gas it’s called water vapour.

We used the process of melting to turn the solid ice into liquid water, we also observed the results of pouring salt on snow and ice and discovered this melted the solid creating a liquid!

First Lego League National Final in Bristol.

Wow! What an adventure our Lego Team, St. Grego’s Lego, have been on. They have flown down to Bristol to compete in the First Lego League Final, not only representing our school, but representing the whole of South Tyneside!

They have put months of hard work, research, programming and presenting into action as a team. Showing the judges just how amazing they all are as individuals as well as a member of the team. They have made myself and Mr Baharie proud to be their coaches.

Here’s just a small selection of the photos of their adventure.