First Holy Communion Preparation

During preparation last term for our First Holy Communion, year three learned how to accept the body and blood of Jesus. We all listened respectfully and learned what we had to say to the priest and the actions we had to make including the Sign of the Cross.


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Year 3 The Gloria

We worked in groups to put actions to the words in The Gloria


Year 3 prayer stations

The children in Year 3 enjoyed visiting the prayer stations set up by each pastoral care group.

Year 3 Fairtrade Fortnight challenge

Year 3 learned about Fairtrade and the importance of making sure the farmers who grow our food are treated equally.

Easter Praise Celebration Assembly

This half term, every Monday and Wednesday, the whole school have been working together on a musical production as part of our Lenten preparations for Easter.

We used a combination of published resources to develop our own production – which saw our Y5 children re-enacting the death and resurrection of Jesus through drama whilst the rest of the school sang sixteen Easter carols throughout the play, led by our Year 6 choir and thirteen soloists from Y6.

We were delighted to welcome our Y6 and Y5 parents on the day and several of our governors. As we weren’t  able to provide space for all parents we have videoed the performance and hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.


Dark Green Pastoral Care Prayer Station

Our pastoral care group planned and set up a Lenten prayer station on the theme of ‘HAVE YOUR SAY.’ We thought that it was particularly important during the season of Lent to think about all of the people in our world who are in need of our prayers. We focused particularly on those whom Jesus frequently talked about during his mission on earth and we invited everyone in our school to pray for them in a variety of ways. You can see their responses by looking at our photographs. We later transferred part of our prayer station into the corridor.


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