Chinese New Year

Y6 designed, made and evaluated their own ‘one wok’ Chinese savory dishes to celebrate Chinese New Year. We worked in groups of 5 to do this using a wide range of ingredients and utensils. We enjoyed eating our food which included: chicken cow mein, sweet and sour chicken with noodles, king prawn in hoisin and garlic sauce, chilli chicken with noodles and noodle surprise. Jack worked on his own dish. We fed some of our teachers too!

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Chinese New Year Feast!

Today, the 27th of January 2017. Year 6 experimented making healthy foods inspired by Chinese dishes. We made all different sorts of dishes including: a Chinese Mess (chicken salad, with a touch of garlic.)  Also a dish named The Noodle Surprise (containing delicious prawns and chicken, with a touch of  ginger and garlic). And other fabulous meals, that our staff have tried and tasted. We had five teams of six, and ended up working very well together and produced  wonderful meals. We are very grateful that our outstanding teacher Mrs. Carahar had bought all of our supplies to prepare our dish.


By Jessica and Amy

The Scary Chinese Myth

Chinese believe that a monster called Nian came into a village and destroyed everything and even ate children. It was said that he had pointy teeth and lived in the sea. Year five rewrote the story of Nian. We hope you have a lovely Chinese new year

Chinese New Year

This Chinese new year in class we have been making Chinese dragons . We have been decorating  the class room with our Chinese dragons. We made them by folding paper and sticking it together then decorating the face with bright colours. We read a story about the dragons being used to frighten away bad luck. It was called Dragon Dancer.  In class we are having so much fun . We wrote our own versions of the story to share with our friends in the class and tried to use lots of similes to describe the dragon’s voice.

Jessica and Evie



Chinese New Year

We all enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year.  We made dragon stick puppets and dragon pictures using 2d shapes. We used Chinese willow patterns to decorate our lanterns. Through stories we learned why the dragon chases the pearl. We sampled a range of Chinese food.







Celebrating the end of our Visitors Topic

On our first day back after our Christmas Holiday, Year 3 came together to celebrate the end of their Visitors topic. In this topic we learned about the importance of preparing for visitors and we learned about the Christmas story. We celebrated together with a liturgy in our classroom. We read about the journey of the Wise Men and thought about the Epiphany and how important their visit was.

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Chinese New Year

We celebrated Chinese New Year a little bit early with some lovely food prepared by our cooks. We had the choice of noodles, spring rolls, rice, beans and Chinese curry sauce.  We also got a fortune cookie each, mine said “You won’t have extra work.” I hope it’s not true because I love extra work.

By Bradley in Year 3

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