Reception class have been learning about Judaism. We looked at the religious festival called ‘Hanukkah’ also known as ‘the festival of lights’. The children made their own menorah out of modelling clay, making sure they had nine branches. They also coloured their own menorah and added shiny flames onto each branch.

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Some children had fun playing a Jewish game with the dreidel and others decorated ‘Happy Hanukkah’ cards making repeating patterns.

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Year Six Remembrance Day Assembly

Last week our Year Six children led a very moving service on Remembrance Day. We invited parents and our Local Priest, Father Weymes to join us in our assembly. We know that war and conflict have touched the lives of so many people in our local area and the whole school enjoyed taking a moment to remember the people that have given up so much for all of us.


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Welcome party.

Reception class had a party to welcome all of the children into St Gregory’s School. We painted paper to make bunting for our party and made our own party collage. We also decorated our own place mats. At the party we had jam sandwiches, jelly and cakes which we all helped to make.

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We played some games and sang some action songs too. It was lots of fun!

Autumn walk to the library

Reception class went on an autumn walk to visit  our local library. We were very sensible when walking to the library and we had to be very careful by the roads.

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On the way we went through the secondary school and saw some of the older children.


We were soon at the library and were all very excited, but we needed to be quiet inside.

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There were lots of books inside the library but first of all we read a story all together called ‘Kitchen Disco’. Everyone had their own character, some of us had to ‘shake it like a mango’ and others ‘partied like a pear’. The rest of us ‘wiggled like an apple’.

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We then made our own ‘cool pineapple’ which is another character from ‘Kitchen Disco’ and shared some stories together.

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After that we sang some animal songs and had great fun joining in with the actions.

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It was time to go back to school so we all got our coats and hats on and set off for the walk back ready for dinner time.

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In Judaism, we have learnt a lot. One of the things we have learned is how to play the Dreidel game and we made our own Dreidel.

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In year 4 this week we have been learning about the Jewish religion are main thing we learned about in that topic is the Torah. we also did a bit about the bar and bat mitsvah.

We also did different ways to addition sums also number problems.

In writing we did some story writing about are own story.


year 3 Judaism

In year 3 we have been learning about synagogues and what they do in a synagogue. We drew some pictures of the outside of a synagogue and stuck them in the back of our book. We did some posters on Friday of things to make people come to our imaginary synagogue.

year six blog update

This week in year six we have been doing a bit of Judaism about Rosh hashanah  and Yom Kipper and other special dates in Judaism. In History we have been learning about a soldier in WW1 his name is Benjamin Dodds and he was in the DLI ( Durham Light Infantry) and we have been to the war graves in Harton cemetery.

We’re going on a bear hunt

This week Year 2 have been learning all about Poetry. We have been looking at and writing our own shape and number poems. We have also looked at the book “We’re going on a bear hunt” by Michael Rosen. The children each preformed a verse for you to watch, we hope you enjoy them.