year five blog update

This week year five have been giving out parts for the year five harvest festival assembly and taking about our CAFOD  walk CAFOD is a Catholic peoples charity this year they are raising money for Bolivia witch is a pretty poor country from South America. This Friday Mr Smithson had his first afternoon tea and there were a few people from year five went to it. We have also been doing a lot of maths and RE. 

Year 3/4 shared liturgy

To celebrate the end of our topics on ‘Homes’ and ‘People’ Year 3 and 4 joined together for a liturgy together. They sang hymns and listened to readings from Paul’s letters to the Romans, and listened to Abraham’s story from Genesis. There were some great readers and we all enjoyed listening and praying together.

Our Mission was to look after God’s Earth by keeping it clean and tidy.

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year 3 Friday blog

On Friday we did a little bit of art. When we did art we drew some volcano’s. On my table we did Mount Etna. We also used some of the water color pencils to blend the colors together. We didn’t wet them today but we are going to do it on Monday.

year six blog update

In year six we have been we have been doing lots of art,we have been learning how to draw faces and today we have been drawing our friends faces. In History be have been learning about Benjamin Dodds ( a solider who lived and died in WW1) we have also been making a poem about him on the computers.

By Anna

Pastoral Care tea

This week one child was selected from each pastoral care group to be treated to a special tea with our Headmaster, Mr Smithson. Each term teachers keep an eye out for children who are consistently demonstrating the values of care, courtesy and concern in pastoral care and around school. It’s always an incredibly difficult decision for the teachers to make as we have so many very well behaved and caring pupils.

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Year five blog update

This week year five have been doing peer writing with year three.We have been picking parts for the harvest festival assembly that we are doing this year.We have been fishing a powers of ten game and a few people were playing it and it was rely fun and it is quite a easy game to make and play and easy to win if you got high adds all the time. We had a very easy little test to see if we new  a lot or nothing at all about it it was rely easy for most people.

year 3 blog

This week we have been doing some volcano work. We learnt that a destructive boundary makes a volcano. We also learnt about the other boundary’s like the transformation boundary and constructive boundary too. We’ve also been doing some artwork from our line on pied beauty. We got the jobs line. It is very very fun! We also have been researching up 2 volcanoes in our home work for this week too.

Year 6 blog update

This week in year six we have been learning about Shakespeare story’s Hamlet, King Lear and Twelfth Night. We have been doing art linked to Twelfth night drawings. In Maths we have been learning about minus numbers and really tricky sums with minus numbers in them. We have also been taking our maths  test to show what level we are in.

By Anna R