Year 5 visit to Thurston

A selection of photos from Year 5’s visit to Thurston in June 2016.

year 4 learnings

In year 4 we have been doing art in art we had brought bottles in and we paper mache them after that we painted them in Andy Warhol style because we have been learning about him and his wonderful creations.

Also we have been doing maths in maths we have been revising fractions and decimals.

We love R.E because it is about God, Jesus and building bridges, building bridges means building bridges of friendship.

by Katie

year 3 tribe survival

Yesterday we did a village and it was septreat tables and we did a dessert and also we were split into groups and we built hooses and pyramids to stay alive we had the Nile and crops to drink eat and survive.And we all had different numbers of years of survival and luckily no one deaded!!!!!!! why do you think that no one dead?



William, Aimee and Charlotte




Year 3 Egyptian Tribes Challenge

This week year 3 were given a really interesting challenge. We were split in to tribes and given a piece of desert to live in (on our tables!) Then we had to work together to decide what kind of resources we would need to survive. Then we had to change our desert and make buildings so that we could stay alive. We had to think about how to get food, where to find shelter, what to make the shelter out of, whether we were going to keep animals or not and how they were going to be kept alive. There were so many things!

We had to use skills from our history to think about what we know about how the Egyptians survived. We had to use our geography knowledge of settlements and the uses of the river Nile to think about how to get food and how to trade. We even had to irrigate some land! We had to use maths skills to build 3D shapes too! It was really challenging but good fun.

We even had to pretend we were ancient Egyptians and that we had lots of different Gods to keep happy because the Egyptians believed that the sun might not rise or the river wouldn’t flood unless the correct God was happy!

William enjoyed building all the pyramids and houses because he enjoys being creative, but his favourite bit was today when we got the chance to invade and destroy the remains of the other tribes villages.

You can see how we got on in the photographs below, and thankfully everyone survived! For now…

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Year 5 blog

In year 5 this week we have been looking forward to Mrs Wilson coming back to school because she has been of sick we have had Mrs Nickles and we have done loads of assessments for year six. We are all looking forward to going up to Year 6! We are also practicing for Hamlet with the year 6 and Miss Carrahar.


As for the good news, year 5 are not having any homework till the end of term. Also we have made monsters to represent the monster from Beowulf. We had a great time making them and gluing, decorating and drawing the monsters.


By Ann and Anna


In year two we have been learning about capacity. We did some practical activities using the sand and water and had lots of fun.


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Football Tournament

Last week 10 of the year 2 children took part in a football tournament at Boldon School. They had a great time and they were runners up! Our footballers were great and the coach even commented on how fantastic our team was. The captain of our team, Joshua, even scored a hat-trick. He was very excited when the coach told him that Barcelona would be lucky to sign him when he gets older. Well done Joshua! We had some fantastic goal keepers who saved some great shots. Everyone played so well and they were all rewarded with a medal and a certificate.

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