Class trip to West Boldon Lodge

We were all very excited on the coach journey to West Boldon Lodge, and we made sure to be careful when getting off the coach!

Then we met John and listened carefully to his talk inside the lodge.

Picture 038 Picture 040

We’re off! We began our adventure on a woodland walk through the forest and came to a Fairy Village! On the way we saw an insect house and a stone design. Picture 043  Picture 045Picture 041Picture 042

John then explained to us that Native Americans used to make ‘journey sticks’ when they went on long journeys. They would find a stick about as long as their arm and as thick as their thumb, then along the way would collect and tie things to their stick which they found interesting. Some of the items they would collect were leaves, feathers, cherries etc. We were all excited to make our own journey stick!

Picture 044

We left the Fairy village and continued on our journey. There were lots of interesting things along the way, like a mud Kitchen and a pirate’s ship.

Picture 050 Picture 047  Picture 046 Picture 049

‘Ssssh! Trolls!’ we came to a troll bridge and we were all very quiet so we didn’t wake the trolls! Once we were all over the bridge we found a little frog!

Picture 053 Picture 054 Picture 055

We collected the final items for our ‘journey sticks’ to finish them off and then shared them with each other.


Picture 057 Picture 058 Picture 059 Picture1

It was time to build a campfire fire. We all took turns to cut and split the wood for the fire, it was lots of fun! We then collected sticks to get the fire started.Picture 062 Picture 063 Picture 064


Once the campfire was going we sat around it and sang songs.  John told us some funny stories too! We then toasted marshmallows and made popcorn, yum! John had to be careful because the pan was very hot. Once we were finished we all helped to put the fire out.

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Finally it was lunch time. We all sat together and enjoyed our yummy pack lunches.

Picture 083

After lunch we went back into the woodland area and John explained to us the different ways to make dens. There were three different style of den, the wigwam, lean to and poacher’s den. We then went into three groups and worked together to make our own dens.

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We all had a great adventure and a fun filled day on our trip!


Afternoon tea with Mr Smithson

During pastoral care lessons children mix with their friends from other groups and learn about the Catholic and British values upheld by our country and school. Each term, one person is nominated by their pastoral care teacher to join in with a special afternoon tea. Teachers nominate someone who they feel has made an extra special effort during their pastoral care lessons. It’s always such a difficult choice to make because all of the children are so well behaved, well mannered and considerate!

Last Friday, the lucky winners from this term were invited to their tea.

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Year 3 Egyptians

Last week we did Egyptian work and then we learned about the River Nile and then we did facts about Tutankhamen in a newspaper. And we did a picture of Tutankhamen and we coloured it in using yellow, black and blue. We also did sketches of our own Pharaohs.

By Charlotte, William and Aimee


Y6 news

This Monday year 6 are going to Edinburgh. Soon we are going to lightwater valley and on the 12th and the 13th of June we are doing  the hamlet production the first performance is for ks1 and ks2 and the second permanence is for adults. Today is the last day of our Sustrans transfer for St Wilfrids. In Edinburgh we are going to the zoo and meet some animals like pandas, peacocks, penguins, lions and tiger and lots more!!

Wojciech, Thomas and Jason

Learning about World Faiths – Islam

Mr Miah, our school football coach, visited Year 3 this week to teach the us about his life and beliefs as a muslim. While he was with us he discussed the way muslims pray in a Mosque and the different ways they prepare to pray. We really enjoyed talking about this and thinking about the similarities and differences from when we go to church. He showed us some examples of the clothes muslim people wear when they go to pray and talked about how important it is for muslims to face Mecca when they pray.He taught us about the five different prayers that muslims say throughout each day.  He also told us about the 5 pillars of Islam which are things each muslim person should try to do in their lifetime.

We really enjoyed speaking to him and would like to say a big thank you to him for coming in!

from all the children in Year 3!

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Jamie’s experience of the Codex 1300 project

410 schools took part in the Codex 1300 project. We copied out a page from the actual codex called Peter and John do miracles it was about a crippled man outside the temple begging for money. Out of the 410 schools one person was picked for their work to go into the children’s codex and out of those 410 people six were chosen to go to London. When I was chosen I felt really shocked and I couldn’t believe it was happening.

On Wednesday 8th June me and the other participants set off at Grand Central in Sunderland. It was me and my dad, the other children were there with their parents apart from Dominic who was with his teacher. We were reserved for coach D normal class but it turned out that no seats in the first class were reserved so we got moved up into first class on the way there. I was even more excited about this it was the first time I went on first class and the first time I went on the grand central train. The journey took about 3 hours.

When we arrived at King’s Cross in London we got straight on our taxis to Lamberth Palace. THe journey took about half an hour to fifty minutes the traffic was worse than I ever imagined. At lamberth palace we saw the Archbishop of Canterbury and we got some photos with him. Then we walked across the Westminster Bridge to the Houses of Parliament and we just got in the Houses of Parliament in time because the rain was the worst in the world there was a huge thunderstorm coming over.  Then we met our MP Emma  and we had a first class tour around the entire Houses of Parliament apart form the House of Commons. I as wondering how on earth the building survived two world wars and how does the ceiling in the hall just stay up? It used to have loads of pillars but now it doesn’t it just stays up by itself. Also it used to be where Henry the 8th played tennis, at some time they found one of his old tennis balls and now its in a museum and worth a lot of money! After that we left the Houses of Parliament and walked to Downing Street  (whiting street) .

We got a taxi to Buckingham Palace and the person who organised it all (Graham) said that if the weather is nice and if the queen was in we could go inside the grounds but unfortunately the Queen wasn’t in. Then we went to McDonald’s for lunch. We got the taxi back to King’s Cross and we got on to our train but before that we got a bit lost. We ended up getting on the right train and we arrived safely home.

It was the best day I’ve ever had in my life, I made loads of new friends, saw places I’d never seen before and went to places I’ve never been.

By Jamie Pippet

Hamlet rehercles year 6

In year6 we have been doing Hamlet rehearsals and we know our costumes and we went in the staff room and some of them went in the hall and we have been having big rehearsals through the whole thing.

By Jason in Y6

Year 3 Egyptians

Year 3 have been learning about the Egyptians. They have read Egyptian myths and for homework they have been doing Egyptians gods. They tried to understand hieroglyphic with there learning partner. Year 3 have read 5 Egyptian myths. We have drew Tutankhamen. Mr. Faircloth is soon going to mummify someone in 3 later.


By Amber, Caden and Adam

Year 5 blog

Recently in year 5 we have been learning about Islam for our themed week. We have been focusing on Ramadan, (where Muslims fast for 31 days ) Muslims started this on the 6th of June and it ends on the 7th of July 2016. We have also been learning about the Hajj which is the fifth  pillar of Islam where pilgrims go to the holy city of Mecca.

In year five we are also getting ready for Thurston and soon we will have to learn about ordinate survey maps and be able to read them.

As well as Thurston we have been doing a lot of tests for it. It is mostly for year six. We have done the SPaG test, Spelling test, Maths test A and B( B is the reasoning test) and we are hoping they are all finished.