This week year 3 have been doing tests.They were working very hard an quietly.The first test they did was maths.The second test they did was spelling test.The third was spag   .The fourth test was a reading test.In the fourth test there were

3 different types of text.One was brilliant birds.The second text was the night visitor.The third text was the hurricane.They will not be doing any more tests for now.The class enjoyed reading them .Amber Bells was the night visitor,Cadens  was the night visitor.Adams favorite was hurricane.

year 6 update

In year 6 we have been doing Hamlet and world war one. 15 people out 28 are going to Edinburgh we are going to 9 places zoo, the real marry close, smart hotels.

By Wojciech and Jason.

What we have been learning about in year four

In year four we have been doing lots of maths. We have been learning how to use decimals correctly and how to change fractions into them. We know that 1 whole is the same as 1.0 and that 1 and a half is the same as 1.5.


In PE we have been doing athletics and gymnastics. In gymnastics we have been learning how to roll in different ways. We have also been doing lots of jumps.

In athletics we have been playing games like rounders and tennis.


In the ICT suit we have been doing lots of coding and creating our own games. The main website we go on is Espresso coding.

By Lana, Imogen and Freya



Year 4 blog

In year four we have been learning about Folktales from different countries around the world. We have read How the tiger got his stripes, The disobedient son, The rabbit and the coyote, the girl in the forest, and the Oohla and the Galah. All of these stories have a moral behind them. Most of them tell us that we need to be kind and polite.

In science we have learning about sound. We have listened to everyday sounds and tried to recognise them. We have also explored the different parts of our ears. Now we know that when we spin round we get dizzy because the liquid in our ears vibrates.


In art we have been exploring Andy Warhol and his famous artwork. He is most famous for his painting of Campbells soup and Marilyn Monroe. We learned that Marilyn was a very sad person even though she was incredibly rich and beautiful. We have also been painting and tracing famous celebrities.

By Lana, Freya and Imogen

Trip to lightwater valley

On the 6th July year6 are going to Lightwater valley because every last y6 class’s went to laser quazer and this year it has changed  to Lightwater Vallley and only 15 parents can come on the trip with us the cost is £14 and we go from 8am-7pm approximately. We need travel sickness pills, £10, packed lunch and waterproof jacket.

by Jason and Wojciech

Year 3 do Greek myths

Year 3 have been starting Greek myths.They have read all the myths  Mr Faircloth has.For there homework they planned there Greek myths.Today on 19 of May they have started to write the introduction and build up/chapter 1 ad chapter 2.Next they will start the middle and the resolution /chapter 3 and chapter 4.

by Adam,Caden  and Amber

Year 5 blog

In Year 5 we are doing fractions and are now able to add, subtract and times .In R.E we are learning about how can we keep memory’s, it is very interesting! In ICT we have been doing some SPaG tests and playing in an interactive Anglo-Saxon village. In art we are linking it into our history about the Anglo- Saxons’s. We have all been making brooches out of string and cardboard and then painting it in gold paint. We have looked at the kind of patterns they used in the Saxon era. In French we have been learning how to pronounce school subjects in french and have been playing on educational games to help us recognise all the school subjects and everyday things that we do.

By Jakub, Anna R and Ann.

Year 5 Codex 1300 Project

Codex Amiatinus

The Jarrow/Wearmouth monastery, founded by Benedict Biscop and

home to the great scholar St Bede, was the home of Abbot Ceolfrith and

the birthplace of the Codex Amiatinus.


This fabulous Anglo-Saxon Book which still exists today was produced by

the monks of Jarrow and Wearmouth under the direction of Ceolfrith,

Abbot of the monastery. It is the oldest complete Latin bible in existence

and took several years to produce. Ceolfrith commissioned three copies

to be made, each having over 1,000 pages of Vellum, beautifully written

in Latin calligraphy. It was an ambitious project, as other monasteries

were reproducing just the four Gospels or the Book of Psalms. To make a

one volume entire bible in the 8th century was extremely rare. The work

could only have been done in a well equipped monastery and by highly

skilled scribes.


Ceolfrith’s plan was to have copies at Jarrow and Wearmouth, and the

third copy he would take personally to Rome as a present for the Pope,

Gregory the second.


Taking with him the third copy of the Codex, Ceolfrith left our shores for

Rome on what was to be his last pilgrimage. It was the year 716 and

Ceolfrith was 74 yrs. old.  Sadly he didn’t reach Italian soil but died on

route at Langres monastery in Burgundy.  Some of his followers continued

their journey with the Codex and presented it to the Pope as Ceolfrith

had wished.  Others returned to England with the sad news of his passing.

Of the three copies of the Codex which Ceolfrith caused to be produced

only one remains.  It is now in the Laurentian Library in Florence.




As part of the Codex 1300 commemoration of that literary pilgrimage to  Rome,

children from city schools are creating new chapters to one of history’s most

influential books produced in Sunderland thirteen centuries ago – The Codex



Over 100 schools in Sunderland, Jarrow and South Tyneside, were invited to be

involved in this prestigious and historical event. Each school was given a template to

follow reflecting the size and design of pages, with a biblical reference for pupils to

base their writing and designs on. Once completed the work is to be collated to

create a new Children’s Codex as a literary gift to the world from the young people

of Sunderland and Jarrow.


A leather bound copy of the ‘Children’s Codex’ will leave St Peter’s Church in June.

It will first visit Westminster Abbey to be signed by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby, before continuing its journey to Rome to be presented to Pope Francis

in the Vatican. Here it will be put on permanent display in the Vatican as a

commemoration of the original Codex sent from Wearmouth-Jarrow 1300 years ago.

Another three bound copies of the Children’s Codex will remain at home to be on

permanent display at St. Peter’s Church Monkwearmouth and St. Paul’s Church

Jarrow, with a third to be made available on loan for schools, libraries and community

venues in Sunderland, Jarrow and South Tyneside.


The Codex 1300 anniversary commemorative project is being coordinated by SPEAK (St Peter’s Educational

Activities for Kids) in conjunction with  Sunderland City Council, the Parish of Jarrow and South Tyneside Council.


Here at St Gregory’s, our Y5 children have enjoyed taking part in this project.

The whole class produced some outstanding work, and after a very difficult decision,

work completed by Jamie Pippet was selected to be included in the ‘children’s codex’.

As an extra and unexpected honour, Jamie has also been selected to be part of a

small group of children acting as ambassadors, who will accompany the codex on its

journey from Monkwearmouth to London to be blessed by the Archbishop before it

continues onwards to the Vatican.


All children, accompanied by a parent/carer, are welcome at the initial Blessing ceremony on 29th May at 2pm at St Paul’s, where the Children’s Codex will be blessed then led in procession out of St Paul’s on its way to St Peter’s.

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