Year 3 Stone age theme week

To start kick off our learning this term Year 3 took part in a Stone Age week with loads of different activities. We became hunter gatherers and searched for food outside then used stone age tools to chop it up. We talked about what kind of tools worked best and then designed our own tools to do the job!

Later in the week we learned about the Stone Age caves at Lascaux and created some cave paintings of our own using charcoal and chalk.

We worked together to create a team model of Stonehenge.


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Year 3 and 4 shared liturgy

Today the year 3 children met with friends in year 4 to share morning prayers. Our liturgy was about giving and receiving and the children listened to readings from St. Paul’s letter to the Corinthians. Year 4 shared some work from their topic on how we can be giving and year 3 practised the responses they are learning as part of their preparation for their First Holy Communion in May.


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year 4 update

This week year 4 have been doing maths, in maths we have been doing money problems and we have been doing a maths assesment about liters and milliliters .

Also we have been doing some literacy,we have been learning about chronological reports about Romans. we have been writing are own reports about roman sports and badgers.

these weeks we have been doing the fitness challenge now we are in fourth place but some how ours glitched when we were in third place we can do a video for the fitness challenge or  just make a game or just do the skipping dance.

By Ellie,Katie and Heidi

what year 3 have been learning about this Thursday.

This Morning when we came in to class we did our correction on maths yesterday in purple pen. After that we did some more maths on mental add and subtraction. Then we did some French on colours, like the colours Marron, rose,bleu,Rouge. Scott the minecraft villager fell of the cliff. we used Mincraft to help tell the difference between first person and third person. We did some first person writing. We are going to be going swimming.

By Molly and chloe and Oliver

y6 news

We have been doing WW1. How did so many men survive in the trenches? They did daily chores to survive and we have been doing a trench to do with world war 1. In maths we have been doing pie charts and bar charts. In science we have been investigating if the animals thigh bone affects the overall length.

By Wojciech and Jason

Year 6 Hamlet Auditions

This week auditions began for our class production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet. We can’t wait to find out who we will be playing! Have a look at our actors and actresses below!

Year six