year 3 s stuff

Yesterday afternoon we went on the iPads and did a presentation about a Stone Age village called Skara Brae.The facts are about that people in the past are shorter then us present people. Today we have been writing different kinds of stories like fairy tales, adventure stories and spooky stories.


By Harris,Sophie and Ethan.

Y6 Blog Update

We have been learning about Wilfred Owen and have written a biography about him. He is a famous WW1 poet who wrote over 50 poems in his lifetime.

We’re also all excited for our performance ‘Hamlet’ in July. We’ve learned 2 songs so far but will carry on practicing after the SATS in May.

In maths we have been doing angles. The angles we have been doing are right angles, obtuse angles, acute angles, straight angles and reflex angles. Also we’ve been doing 2D and 3D shapes.

By: Rebecca and Cara

Y5 storytime

Instead of reading stories to each other we have been writing stories with our incredible imagination and creativity. Here’s a sneak peak of Liam’s story, Lost In Australia. its about a normal family until one day they decide to take a trip to Australia and the plane that they were on crashes onto a Island And they meet a Asian woman and she takes care of them. Sounds fun huh? Keep tuned with our updates on our stories. Look out for our amazing stories COMING SOON!

By Amy, Daisy and Liam






































Year 4 update

In year 4 we have been writing poems and using alteration. We have been
describing about our  self’s. Also In maths we have been doing pictographs. in the ict sweet we wrote our story’s and we are know typing them up on the computers. In spag we done prefixes like  sure and ture.



by Llily,Lilia and Jamie

***!Year 3 Riddle Challenge!***

My first is in CAKE but never in BAKE,

My second is in GOLD but not in PEAR,

My third is in IT but not in END,

My fourth is in HEXAGON and in RECTANGLE,

My whole is a valuable pancake…

What am I?

Send your answers to Year 3 or post them here as a comment and the first correct answer out of the pot will win a prize!



We are building a one meter by one meter trench from WW1 history. We have only just started and so far its going well. Y6 have been working with Mrs Thompson and Mr Baharie to do this work (sorry to Mr Baharie if we spelled your name wrong).

We’ve been preparing for the big tidy up for our local area.

By: Rebecca, Cara and Aidan.

year 3’s

In literacy we have been learning about riddles and how to write them. Like metaphor riddles,my first is in riddles and things like that.In maths we have been measuring and learning about how hard it is to draw a shape and learning about parallel and perpendicular lines. We have also been learning about right angles,acute angles and obtuse angles.

By Harris,Sophie and Ethan.


For world book day, we all decided to dress up as monks in the scriptoriom ( our classroom ) We drew and wrote about a special part of the bible we have been chosen to do.Over one hundred schools are taking part and they all have their own part in the bible to write and draw about.

We have been chosen to do the story  ‘The believers share’  and ‘Peter heals the crippled man’. And the best one out of the class gets put into a book that will get bound with leather and carried to Pope Francis to have a look at our fabulous work.   

By Liam, Daisy and Amy.


year 4 blogs

In year 4  we have been doing maths and in maths we have done division and multiplication. We have been doing story writing. We thought of fantasy characters and fantasy settings. In spag we have been doing pronouns and prefixes. All of the children in year 4  are doing a 10 week reading challenge. The ten week reading challenge is where you have to read 5 books in 10 weeks, Whoever wins the challenge gets their  name shouted out in assembly and will also win a big prize.


by Lily,Lilia,Jamie.