Science in year 4


Year 4 really enjoyed ‘Science week.’ We had a great time finding out all about Electricity and set up our own simple circuits! We investigated whether particular circuits would work or not, making some very good predictions beforehand!




Science week update

This week has been science week across KS1 and KS2. We have many more updates to follow but here’s a taster of what Year 3 have been up to this week!

First of all we experimented with using vinegar and salt to clean old pennies. We discovered that the salt and vinegar solution removes copper oxide from the coins making them look bright and shiny again. We left some of the coins for a while and discovered that green malachite had started to form on them.

Next we made some lava using vegetable oil, water, and food colouring. We discovered that water is denser than oil and that by dropping salt in the mixture we could make ‘bubbles of oil’ move around so it looked like a lava lamp!

Finally we experimented with oil and water by dropping fizzy tablets in to our mixture. We found that no matter what we did the oil and water would not mix and they settled back into different layers.

We had a great week and really enjoyed it! What have you done in your class this week?

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Year 4 Skipping Challenge!

Well done to the year 4’s who were fantastic yesterday at the skipping tournament. Lots of children received certificates for their individual performances and we also came 2nd in the skipping dance!!

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Year 5/6 Football Champions!

Congratulations to our Year 5 and Year 6 football team on winning the Air Quality MEM League last term. The boys were recently presented with their trophy, and are looking forward to more games this year.

A big thank you to our extremely supportive parents and our fantastic coach Mr Miah!

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Year 1 and Year 3 shared reading

Over this term Year 1 and Year 3 have both been learning how to write stories. Year 1 have looked at a variety of fairy tale stories and Year 3 have been learning how to write exciting adventure stories.

Today we got together to share our progress so far and discuss ides for our stories. It was a great chance to work together with children from another class and we all got a lot out of this experience!

We are looking forward to sharing the finished versions of our stories soon.


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Reception Jungle Topic Work

Our theme this term is ‘Places’ so Reception class has been learning all about Africa and the jungle.

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We enjoyed being ‘on safari’ in our role play area.  We identified and listed animals we spot from the safari truck!

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Children drew their own jungle and safari landscapes and maps.


Children looked carefully at the patterns of the animals and recreated them in paint.

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We used 2 Simple Software to ‘paint’ the animals in their setting, and told a story about them with sounds and movement.

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We read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ and used pastels to create observational drawings of Handa’s fruits.

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Looking at textures and colour, we created pretty parrots for display.

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We investigated lots of instruments and used them to play drum rhythms and to accompany songs such as ‘Che, che, kooley’ ,  ‘Walking through the jungle’ and ‘Tiger, tiger’.


We learned all about Esimba and his life in Africa. Children wrote simple messages to him.


Time to sit quietly and read all about the animals.  Children especially liked our range of non-fiction texts, learning all about the big cats!


whats been going on in year 5

In year 5 we have been doing maths. In maths we have been learning about perimeter, area and shapes. On a Thursdays Madame Dunlop teaches French and we have been learning about how to say us, he,her and I. In literacy we have been learning about Michael Morpurgo and how the writer uses different effects on the reader and how he writes his books. In science we have been doing materials and seeing which materials conduct electricity.


by Natalie, Charlotte and Jakub

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In year 6 we have been learning about breathing. We have been doing an investigation where we do different activities and see how much our breathing rates change.  Then we made a line chart on how the rates go up or down. We have also been learning about the digestive system and how the body works. The scientists we have been learning about are Claudius Galen and William Harvey. Galen thought that the food goes to the stomach to the liver,to the heart and then lungs. But in fact William did an investigation and found that Galen was wrong and really the food goes through the mouth,down the oesophagus,to the stomach,to the large intestines and then to the small intestines.


By Grace Y6


Year 6 made posters on the books in our library. Everybody made one and they were made on the computers.The title of the display is ‘Hooked into books’

All the posters are based on our new books,we made them to encourage young readers as well as the older children.We kept the posters simple so everybody can understand. Our new books were in a box not being used so we are trying to get people to read them sensibly.

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