RE topic – Welcome!

As part of our RE theme ‘Welcome’ the children helped to plan a party to welcome all Reception children to their new class and school.   We designed our own party hats and made jam sandwiches. We watched jelly dissolving and then setting. We enjoyed lots of other food and played traditional party games. What fun!

We also learned all about Baby Matthew being welcomed in to the Church family.  We role played his baptism.  A shell was used to pour water over the baby’s head.  We all clapped for Matthew!

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Reception Library Trip

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We were invited by our local Cleadon Park Library to attend a story telling session.  We walked to the library looking for signs of autumn.  Our adults made sure we were safe walking by the road.

At last we arrived!  We were told a story by the librarian then we decorated the crocodile with sequins, feathers and made all types of patterns! This was fun.  We sang lots of songs about crocodiles too.

We chose some books to take away and watched as they were scanned by wireless by a special machine.

Soon it was time to go and we  made our way back to school for lunch!

Year 3 Adventure stories

This week Year 3 have been learning about fractions in our maths and we have done a fractions test. We are also learning about adventure stories and we have been reading Sam Silver Skeleton Island. We are looking forward to planning and writing our own stories soon!

Did you know?

  • Adventure stories have to be descriptive!
  • Adventure stories have to have interesting language
  • Adventure stories often have a plot twist!

By Rebecca, Jamie and Maria

Explanations Y4

Hello, this week we have learnt  about explanations. First of all we learnt what explanations are. Then we watched the Girl and the Robot and we jotted down notes about it. Next we watched Wallace and Gromit.Then we did an explanation about it of the snoozatron. After that we got in a group and looked behind a door and drew what we had seen. Then we did an explanation about the pancake machine.Then we made our own machine and planed what we where going to write and then we made an explanation about it.


By ; Grace, Kobe, and Erin



Year 5 blog

We have been learning about Kensuke’s kingdom. In this book we have been learning about the extended nouns. So far in the story there is a boy named Michael and he went over  board and has to survive on his own on an island.

In math we are learning about square numbers and finding out how to add square numbers together. We do the maths on Target your maths sheets but record the sums in our books.

Were starting to learn perimeters and areas and working out how  long or short shapes are its really good!!


by Charlotte Natalie and Jakub.


In science we have been learning about the human body and how it works.Also how Claudius Galen found how the human body works by dissecting animals and looked how their blood travels around their body.He was not  completely accurate because he was born in  AD129.

Later on William Harvey started question Galens ideas and dissepted humans and found he was wrong and we still believe Harvey’s ideas today. His ideas are still used to learn about how blood travels around the body and how the muscles and the veins function.

Year 6 war posters

This week Year 6 have been making war posters on the computer (look in the hallway for the posters). To make them we had to search the internet for other war posters , Miss Carrahar even had a poster to encourage people to join DLI (Durham Light Infantry). We all had some great posters including the Union Jack flag and Lord Kitchener. Y6 spent a lot of time working on them and they turned out very good! It would be much appreciated if you could take a look at them if you get the chance.Hopefully we’ll have some pictures up soon !


By Mica.

This weeks Y6 update!

This week in Y6 we have been continuing with our work on fractions and have been ordering,comparing and looking at equivelent fractions. We have also been doing lots of SPAG work on clauses and pluralism.  We have also been making WW1 posters and you can find out about them on Mica’s post! We have been continuing with our Hamlet work and are all looking forward to start practicing the play!

By Adrienne,Olivia and Kate.