Governor Newsletter 1

Dear Parents / Carers,

You may recall last year when governors asked for your support regarding the 
pick up of children from after school clubs.

We asked that no vehicles are to enter the school gates, we thank you for your 
understanding and feel that this works well. The request was originally discussed during governing body meetings after concern that due to darker nights children could be unseen by cars performing U-turns in the school yard. We decided to 
remove the risk completely.

This concern has again arisen due to vehicles driving up the narrow dead end of 
Harton House Road East, towards the school gates and having to perform a
U-turn to drive back out.

A recent situation arose, with one of our parent/carers driving out of  school and 
two residents driving into Harton House Road East, resulting in a stalemate (and 
subsequent complaint to school). The conclusion was to dangerously reverse ont
the crossroads.

In addition to traffic congestion this crossroads is also very busy with St.Wifrids 
and Harton pupils cutting through/meeting up, of which we are equally 

The attached picture illustrates quite well a recent situation at the crossroads, of 
children crossing behind a stationary car attempting to drive into the street.

Harton House Rd Edit 

We forsee traffic increasing due to planned building works at some of our 
neighbours homes and the darker, inclement weather approaching.

We again ask for your support to ensure the safety of our children.

Many thanks in advance.

Ian Farrar, Parent Governor
On behalf of the Governing Body.