Arts and Crafts in Y2

Making Monsters in Year 5



Year 3 French Day

Year 3 really enjoyed our MFL day. We learned some French songs, created some flags of the world using our knowledge or shapes and fractions, and really enjoyed the play we watched in the afternoon! Although the skeleton was a bit scary…

Year 1 Seven Stories visit

Year One visit to Seven Stories

I enjoyed dressing up as Fairytale characters at seven stories. (Emily Po)

David liked singing the story of the Gruffalo using the grass to hide the characters.

I liked meeting and cuddling the big Gruffalo. We found out that he was the only big Gruffalo ever to be made in the whole world! (Emily S)

We made a swamp with a monster inside and we were all a part of the monster. It was scary as we all squashed together! (Lily and Max)

I wore a silly blue wig – I enjoyed wearing it! (Bradley)

Year One all went to a pretend ball as Fairytale characters. We then created a letter to send to the Fairy Godmother to thank her for inviting us. (Ross)

The next day we created our own monster and Gruffalo story. We called our class monster – Reeks! (Adam and Max)


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Year 1 World Book Day

World Book Day Year One

We enjoyed listening to Mrs. McMullen’s favourite book –Can’t you sleep little bear on world book day. (Sky- Dali)

We read our favourite stories to each other. (Joshua)

I liked listening to Poppy’s Dad reading his favourite story –‘ Room on a Broom’ as he used different voices for all the characters. He was very funny. (Holly and Poppy)


Year 1 PE Event

Year One – Multi-skills Event

We enjoyed all the events at Temple Park. (Sophie T)

We had fun playing all the games. We were tired at the end. (Scarlett)

I enjoyed the trip especially the parachute games. (Harry)

I had fun seeing how far I could jump! (Elise)

At temple Park we even played games underneath the parachute! (SophieR)

I enjoyed running over the hurdles. (Tilli)

Belgium 2014

Year 6 went on their annual visit to Belgium in summer term 2014. This was an extra special visit as they went to Houplines Communal Cemetery Extension to pay tribute to a relative of one of their teachers who lost their life during the war.